How to Recycle Almost Any Electronics at Apple, Best Buy, and Staples Stores

Wondering where you can recycle your old devices for free and more? Learn how to recycle any brand of electronics at Apple, Best Buy, Staples, and more.

Electronic waste is problem as they have become the fastest growing type of waste worldwide. On the positive side, there are some really easy ways to properly dispose of your old devices and just about any electronics or appliances, no matter where you bought them or if they are damaged.

Be aware that these are is free. Recycling programs are separate from trade-in options where you can get cash or value for your old devices that work like the Trade In Apple program or through our partner Decluttr.

How to Recycle Electronics at Apple, Best Buy, and Staples

  1. Erase device if possible
  2. Take it to your device or other electronics to an Apple store, Best Buy, or Staples for free recycling.
    • Staples even offers store credit for recycling your electronics.
  3. In some countries, Apple offers online recycling options.
  4. If If you want to check again if your device will be accepted, check out the resources below.
  5. If you don't have the le, Best Buy, or Staples app in your area, check out this recycling guide for another option

Tip. Apple and Staples are great for medium and small electronic devices, while Best Buy is ideal for larger stores as they accept TVs and appliances (Best Buy does charge for some large appliances).

Apple Store


In my experience, Apple accepts almost any electronic device from any manufacturer for free recycling. If you need to recycle a large or unique electronic device, you can call your local store to have it checked before picking it up.


Staples accepts a very wide range of devices for free recycling . program. What's more, Staples provides a $5 credit for device recycling and $2 for an ink or toner cartridge.

Staples notes does not accept: air conditioners, alkaline batteries , home appliances, floor-standing printers and copiers, kitchen appliances, lamps or bulbs, large servers, large speakers, non-rechargeable lithium batteries, smoke detectors, televisions and vaporizers.

Best Buy

Here is a list of accepted items from Best Buy (they charge for large appliances):

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