How to Create GIFs on iPhone Using the Built-in Shortcuts App and Siri

There are many ways to create your own GIFs, but what about a way to create GIFs on iPhone without the help of third parties? application? Follow the instructions to get started with the free GIF Maker; a shortcut that works with Apple's Shortcuts app and Siri commands.

GIPHY and other third-party services are great if you want more control over your GIF creation or the flexibility to work with a wide range of formats.

But if you want to quickly create GIFs on iPhone from your videos or Live photos, you can actually do it. this is easy to do using the Apple Shortcuts app.

How to make GIFs on iPhone

  1. You'll need the Apple Shortcuts app. Download it for free if you don't have it.
  2. Tap or click this link to get the Apple app “ Create GIF” shortcut (works on iPhone, iPad, Mac)
  3. Select Get shortcut, then Add shortcut
  4. Now you can tap the “Create GIF” shortcutin the Shortcuts app and select a video or live photo to use (remember to trim the video if it's longer)
  5. You can also create GIFs by saying : “Hey Siri, make a GIF.” and you can rename the shortcut if you want—press and hold it to get that option.
  6. You can find the GIF you created in the Photos app

Where to find GIFs on iPhone

If you haven't used GIFs on iPhone in a while or want to explore other options, here are some ways to get GIFs created by others:

  • In the Messages app on your iPhone or iPad, tap “A” icon to the left of the text field > now select the red magnifying glass icon > select a GIF or search for one.
  • GIPHY for iOS is a more reliable way to find and use GIFs.
  • Tenor's GIF Keyboard for iOS is a popular option for even faster access to GIFs -files

Thanks for reading our guide on how to create GIFs on iPhone!

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