How to control Apple Vision Pro using sounds

Sound Actions for Apple Vision Pro

One ​​of Apple's accessibility features for Apple Vision Pro allows users to make simple sounds to trigger events. Here's how to set it up.

Apple Vision Pro can be controlled by looking at something and then touching it with your thumb and forefinger. Users can expand this experience by adding a trackpad or keyboard, but this won't be useful for everyone.

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An accessibility feature called Sound Actions allows users to launch various functions in VisionOS or even launch shortcuts. User can make fourteen sounds, causing a virtually endless range of actions.

For example, accessing Control Center by looking up isn't the most consistent gesture. We can open the elusive menu using Sound Actions by making an “oooh” sound.

Setting up sound actions

First go to the “Sound Actions” menu:

  • Open the Settings app
  • Select Accessibility
  • Select Interaction from the Physical & Motor menu.
  • li>

  • Select Sound Actions, then select a sound to assign an action.

Apple even provides a practice section at the top of the menu where users can try making sounds. Selecting a sound in the practice section plays an example, and when the sound is successfully played, it lights up.

You will want to practice and learn the difference between a cluck and a click.

There are many sounds that can be used to trigger actions

Actions available

With shortcut integration, users can customize whatever they want when performing an audio action. In addition, VisionOS has many options built into it.

  • Launch the accessibility shortcut.
  • Pinch your fingers together as if you were playing a selection gesture.
  • Recenter apps
  • Access Control Center
  • Take a screenshot
  • Activate Siri
  • Activate an accessibility action, such as toggle AssistiveTouch or Smart Invert

That's just some of these are examples of what is available. There are 24 built-in actions, and below them the entire list of available shortcuts is displayed.

Like many special abilities, Sound Actions are very useful for everyone, regardless of ability. Shortcut users can easily take advantage of this feature to launch actions anywhere in the operating system.

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