How to Change Volume on Mac in Small Steps

How to accurately increase and decrease the volume on a Mac

If you're tired of dealing with too loud or too quiet volume, here's how to increase the volume on your Mac by a quarter of normal volume, just using a simple keyboard shortcut.

In most cases, adjusting the volume on your Mac is as simple as pressing one button and finding your ideal listening volume. However, sometimes the normal gradual increase is too much and you are left wishing there was something in between.

This is especially true if you wear headphones or use an external speaker, as they often have more noticeable jumps between steps.

Luckily, you can turn up and down the volume on your Mac to a quarter of what you normally do with a simple shortcut.

How to accurately increase or decrease the volume on your Mac

  1. On your Mac's keyboard, hold down the Shift and Option
  2. To increase the volume, press the Volume Up
  3. button

  4. To decrease the volume, press the Volume Down > button

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