How to Change the Default Browser in macOS Sonoma

There are many browsers available on macOS, and it is always worth setting your preferred browser as the default browser.

Not everyone wants to use Safari, the default Mac web browser, but switching completely seems difficult until you know how.

Using a browser that isn't the default on macOS can be a huge problem. There's nothing more annoying than trying to open a link from Messages only for it to open in a browser you don't use.

Making changes is quick and easy in macOS Sonoma . Depending on the browser you want to use as your default, you may not even have to go into System Preferences.

How to change the default browser in System Preferences

The easiest and most versatile way to change the default browser on a Mac is to do it from System Preferences. Although it's easy enough to switch, this option is located in a rather peculiar place in the system settings.

Changing the default web browser is very easy, even if it is not hidden in the system settings.

  1. Open System Preferences.
  2. Go to Desktop & Dock settings.
  3. Select your preferred browser from the Default Web Browser drop-down list.

Once you find your way to the correct location in System Preferences, all browsers you have installed will appear in drop-down menu to select your default browser. But it's likely that you won't even need to open System Preferences to change your default browser.

How to change your preferred default browser

The goal of almost any browser you ever download is to make it your default browser. With this goal in mind, almost every browser will stumble when prompting you to take this step. If you're referring to the default browser you want macOS to use, setting up this change can be as simple as opening your browser.

Many browsers noticeably notify the user that it is not set as the default web browser.

For example, Google Chrome will definitely notify you about this that when you open it, the default web browser is not set. The pop-up telling you this, along with the option to make it your default browser, will remain below Chrome's address bar until you close it or make it your default browser.

A little less intrusively, most browsers have an option at the top of the settings menu to say “this browser is not your default web browser.” This is often accompanied by a button that allows you to set the default settings for the relevant browser directly from the browser's settings menu.

No matter how you prefer to change your default browser, there are plenty of ways to do it in macOS Sonoma. The important thing is that you do this to avoid unwanted hassles when opening links from other applications.

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