Honda launches wireless CarPlay upgrade option for select 2018-2022 vehicles

Earlier this month, Honda announced its preliminary plans to offer Honda Accord drivers a CarPlay upgrade. Now the company has shared more details about this plan, revealing that the software update will start at $112 and will be available at any authorized Honda dealer.

Honda explains that this software update will enable wireless CarPlay connectivity and Android Auto on about 631,000 2018-2022 Accord models.

Although you'll have to go to a dealer to do this, Honda promises it will be a “fast software update.” The update is available for all Accord trim levels from those years that were originally equipped only with wired Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The decision to offer this update is part of Honda's “broader sustainability efforts to maximize the lifetime value of Honda vehicles available on the market by offering upgrades and new digital services.”

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I wonder if Toyota could add this to this line as well?

I've never used wireless gaming in the car, but I think just leaving the phone in my pocket/bag is great. I'm just curious how quickly it drains the battery and how it performs if it's a shared car.

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The automaker says this upgrade with wireless CarPlay and Android Auto will retail for an “MSRP” of $112 “plus dealer labor charge.” It's unknown how much this labor charge will cost, and it looks like it will vary from dealer to dealer.

Additionally, Honda says it is installing this software update “at no additional cost” . eligible Accord models sold as Honda Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles.”

Honda Accord drivers interested in choosing this wireless CarPlay upgrade can visit the Honda DreamShop website to learn more about making an appointment at local store. dealer. Authorized dealers can begin updating the software now.

There are a number of third-party solutions on the market that offer wireless CarPlay upgrades, such as those from CarlinKit. However, it's notable that Honda is making wireless CarPlay available to older Accord drivers.

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