HomeKit Weekly: TP-Link Tapo 2K proves to be the best HomeKit home camera

It's been a while since I found a fantastic new HomeKit indoor camera, but the TP-Link Tapo 2K turned out to be a great option . With support for local SD card recording, HomeKit Secure Video, and TP-Link cloud service, there are many options when choosing this camera for indoor recording. One thing I especially want to point out is that it supports Wi-Fi 6!

HomeKit Weekly is a series dedicated to accessories for your smart home, automation tips and tricks, and everything related to Apple's smart home system.

One of the privacy features I appreciate about the TP-Link Tapo 2K is the system physical privacy. Taking privacy to the next level, the camera body covers the lens when privacy mode is activated. You can easily turn privacy mode on or off with one tap in the Tapo app or a button on the camera itself; you retain complete control over the privacy of your home. While I trust only me to access HomeKit Secure Video, I like that you can walk past this camera, press a button, and see that it physically can't see what's going on in the room. The best part is that HomeKit recognizes when this mode is enabled and turns off the camera in HomeKit.

This security camera provides 360° horizontal view and 2K QHD real-time video footage, ensuring every corner of your room is safe. Captured with crystal clarity in the Home app or TP-Link. With a large F1.6 aperture, it absorbs more light, resulting in images that are brighter and clearer at the same time.

If you want to use the TP-Link app with a camera, you can access some additional advanced AI technology that accurately identifies people, pets and vehicles, as well as recognizes unnatural sounds such as a crying baby. You'll receive instant push notifications for any unusual activity, helping you stay aware of what's happening at home or in another room. However, these features are not built into HomeKit.

Unboxing and Setup with HomeKit

If you only want to use the TP-Link Tapo 2K with HomeKit, you can avoid using anything related to the TP-Link app. It includes HomeKit code on the camera, which you can connect to HomeKit and then enable recording and streaming settings. These settings are one of the best parts of HomeKit Secure Video because they make it incredibly easy to understand what's going on.

Once they appear in the Home app, it's also free to use with HomeKit automation tools, so that you can turn on lights, play music, etc. based on the movement the camera sees. If you have iCloud+, you can access unlimited motion-based recordings and unlimited HomeKit cameras.

Overall, this is a really reliable option for indoor cameras with HomeKit. I like some of TP-Link's advanced features, like pan and tilt, and when combined with HomeKit secure video and a physical privacy button. It has a wide viewing angle so it can cover the entire room. I'd like to see Apple develop some of the HomeKit video features, but otherwise it's a great option for under $70. You can buy TP-Link Tapo 2K on Amazon or Best Buy.

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