HomeKit Weekly: SwitchBot curtains get Matter support and now work with HomeKit

SwitchBot is a unique smart home provider that has released some pretty great products over the years. The SwitchBot button pusher is a prime example of a relatively rare item that has no alternative from another supplier. SwitchBot is based on SwitchBot Hub 2. With Matter support, it comes to HomeKit, and you can now use Switch Curtain Opener with HomeKit.

HomeKit Weeklyis an article series dedicated to smart home accessories, automation tips and tricks, and everything related to the Apple smart home system.

SwitchBot Hub 2 and Matter setup

Using the SwitchBot app, you will add the device to your Wi-Fi network and then update the firmware. You will then see the option to add Matter and HomeKit protocol. During this process, you will copy Matter, go to the Home app, scan it, select Hub 2, and then paste the code. You'll then select a room and see all the sensors built into the Hub 2. Besides looking great, it's a great way to monitor the humidity and temperature inside your home. Using Hub 2, you can also add SwitchBot locking, curtains, and blind tilts to HomeKit.

Configuring the SwitchBot curtain opener

The SwitchBot curtain opener comes with a few accessories, but for most ring installations it is ready to go right out of the box. You'll need to fully charge it via USB-C and then add it to the app by holding down the button on the front and putting it into pairing mode.

Once it's connected to the SwitchBot app, you can go to Matter's settings Hub and see where you can add it to HomeKit. It will then automatically appear in the Home app.

Using with Scenes and Automations

It should be noted that even if you have two curtain rods working as one curtain, you will only see them as one curtain in HomeKit. While there's rarely a time when you'll want to open one curtain, if you do, you'll only be able to do so in the SwitchBot app. Now that curtains are added to HomeKit, you can use scenes and automation to automatically open and close them. For example, you can now create an automation that automatically closes them at sunset and opens them again at dawn. You can also choose a specific time of day or use the HomeKit motion sensor to open and close it based on movement in the room. The options are endless. I used the SwitchBot Remote as often as I used the Home app or Siri. We keep it on the nightstand and draw the curtains before bed.


Between the SwitchBot Hub 2 and a curtain opener, this is a good upgrade for automating your curtains . SwitchBot Hub 2 is the type of product that will improve over time as SwitchBot adds more of its products to Matter and therefore HomeKit. The upgraded model is quieter, but more powerful than the previous one. It stays relatively well hidden behind the curtains and you'll only notice it if you're looking for it.

The SwitchBot curtain opener is available for purchase on Amazon.

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