Here's what percentage of US iPhone buyers are switching from Android

CIRP today released its latest study looking at how many new iPhone buyers in the US are switching from Android smartphones. After hitting a five-year peak last spring, the number of Android users switching to iPhones has dropped slightly. Here are the latest details.

Last May, CIRP data showed dynamics for Apple: a record 15% of new iPhone buyers in the US came from Android, and the average the selling price is just under $1,000.

But at the start of the year, a new CIRP report shows the trend has reversed. slightly throughout 2023.

Android users switching The cost of the iPhone has fallen from a five-year high.

As shown below, 13% of new iPhone buyers in the US report switching from Android. This is 2% less than last year CIRP.

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Another interesting figure from CIRP:

Looking at the existing installed user base, iOS and Android have over 90% customer loyalty, meaning over 90% of existing iOS and Android users continue to use their current operating system when they purchase a new phone (Chart 1). iOS loyalty is slightly higher at 94% compared to 91% for Android owners.

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However, this is still 2% higher than what the company saw for Android users in 2020 and 2021. and is consistent with 2019 data.

As noted above, the data covers product switchers in each calendar year. It will be interesting to see if Android devices regain ground over the iPhone in 2024.

Notably, the Samsung S24 series was very well received upon its launch in January 2024 and even received higher customer satisfaction scores. than the iPhone 15. and 15 Pro:

  • Samsung Galaxy S24 customer satisfaction exceeds iPhone customer satisfaction for the first time

What do you think? Will Apple increase the percentage of Android users in 2024? Or will the pendulum swing back in Google's favor? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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