Here's the fastest major broadband provider in the US

Opensignal today released its annual report on the US fixed broadband experience. In addition to revealing which national providers are the fastest in terms of download and upload speeds, consistency, and more, the data includes head-to-head comparisons and more.

This morning Opensignal released its US Fixed Broadband Experience Report for May 2024. The study included the five largest broadband providers in the United States: AT&T, Spectrum (Charter), T-Mobile, Verizon, and Xfinity (Comcast).

The results include all broadband options available from these companies. companies including cable, DSL, FWA and fiber networks.

Fastest speed downloads for Broadband Internet Access in the US

Spectrum ranked first this year for the fastest average download speed, with 169.2 Mbps. Xfinity came in second with 158.2, and Verizon was third with 142.9 Mbps.

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I spend six months in Europe, and my 2.5 Gbps does not work. 1 Gbps for the equivalent of $12 per month. Honestly, you can't beat it. And I've also never seen it slower than ever.

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AT&T came in first for fastest average download speed at 81.4 Mbps, and Verizon came in second with 68.1. Mbps – Both providers benefited from more fiber. symmetrical offerings.

For stability and video, Comcast's Xfinity took first place. Verizon came in second for stability, Spectrum came in third.

And for video quality, Spectrum came in second and Verizon came in third.

For more details, check out Opensignal's full report. including direct comparisons.

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