Google reveals when to expect RCS support on iPhone to improve text messaging for Android users

Joe Rossignol

In November, Apple announced that the iPhone would support the cross-platform RCS (Rich Communication Services) messaging standard in the Messages app starting “later” in 2024, and Google has now given a tighter time frame.

In a recently deleted section of the updated Google Messages webpage discovered by 9to5Google, Google stated that Apple will implement RCS on iPhone “in the fall of 2024.” This deadline assumes that RCS support will be added to iPhones with iOS 18, which should be available in beta in June and released in September. At the latest, support should be added to iOS 18.1, which will likely be released in October.

RCS support should lead to the following improvements to the Messages app for communication between iPhone and Android . smartphones:

  • Photos and videos with higher resolution
  • Audio messages
  • Typing indicators
  • Read receipts
  • Wi-Fi messaging
  • Improved group chats, including the ability for iPhone users to leave a conversation that Android users are in.

These modern features: Available now for iMessage and many third-party messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Telegram. RCS support on iPhone will extend the app's capabilities to green bubbles in the Messages app.

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