Google Chrome gets real-time URL protection on Mac and iOS

Julie Clover

Google today announced that it is updating Google Safe Browsing with real-time URL protection to protect Chrome users from malicious websites. Safe Browsing is designed to protect against phishing attacks, malware, and unwanted software by checking URLs against a master list.

Previously, Chrome's default protection used a list that was stored on the device and updated every 30-60 minutes, but now websites will be scanned against Google's server-side list of known malicious sites in real time. Google says it expects to block 25 percent more phishing attempts with this change.

Google is partnering with Fastly to operate the Oblivious HTTP privacy server between Chrome and Safe Browsing to preserve user privacy. Safe Browsing doesn't see the user's IP address, and Safe Browsing checks are mixed with checks sent from other Chrome users.

Chrome users can also choose Enhanced Protection, a Safe Browsing mode that uses artificial intelligence to block. attacks and provides protection against malicious Chrome extensions.

Google also recently updated the password verification feature on iOS devices. It not only informs users about compromised passwords, but also flags weak and reused passwords.

Chrome is a free browser available as an alternative to Safari on Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

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