Fun and games with Apple Vision Pro, plus the next episode of Apple on the AppleInsider Podcast.

Day 1 Apple Vision Buyers Pros must now decide whether to return the headset to the Apple Store or not.

An in-depth look at the details of using Apple Vision Pro for work and all the fun it brings us — plus a look ahead to what Apple devices are due in the future. It's hard to believe Apple's Vision Pro is still new, but we've only now reached the stage where day-one buyers have to wonder whether to return their headset or not. All indications are that Apple is making roughly the same level of profit as it would from any new device.

But Apple's Vision Pro is certainly getting more attention than any recent iPhone, getting more attention than Apple's last new platform, the Apple Watch, in 2015. Part of this is because there is so much to explore, and this week's podcast covers some specific details.

For example, the sound quality of the Apple Vision Pro compared to the HomePod mini. For example, the new spatial games announced by Apple.

And, for example, the biggest question of all – — whether the Apple Vision Pro is an everyday tool or destined to be forgotten in a drawer next to all previous VR headsets.

Besides, it's already mid-February, and it's time to look into the future and find out what new Apple devices we can expect in the near future.

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  • Comparison of Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest 3 – displays, prices & graphics
  • Apple Vision Pro now has 1,000 native apps in the VisionOS App Store.
  • Apple Vision Pro may take four generations to perfect.
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in Apple Vision Pro won't excite your brain
  • For now, Apple Arcade may be the best place for Apple Vision Pro spatial games
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  • Jon Stewart is a problem for Apple TV+
  • Sports Night on Amazon Prime
  • FCC Commissioner Screams Antitrust Against After Beeper Mini Debacle
  • The EU is backing down and won't force Apple to open up iMessage to competitors.
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  • Apple Music has prepared two new stations for you for Valentine's Day

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