Former Apple software engineer faces up to five years in prison for threatening FBI agents

Former Apple employee found guilty of threatening FBI agents | Image credit: Quince Creative

After a short trial, a federal jury found a former Apple employee guilty of threatening to harm FBI agents.

Court records obtained by Kron4 say former Apple employee Brian Broderick believed the company was spying on him. While on medical leave, he sent several threatening emails to his co-workers, which was confirmed by several employees who reported the matter to Santa Cruz police.

Broderick then contacted the FBI multiple times in 2021 and 2022 to report numerous issues, including allegations against Apple. In December 2021, Apple filed a restraining order against the man, which was issued for three years.

The Santa Cruz Police Department said Broderick was paranoid and suffering from mental illness. As a precaution, police obtained a gun violence ban and seized the gun from his locker.

When an FBI agent reviewed Broderick's reports in May 2022, he responded with “escalating and derogatory emails” to agents in the FBI's San Francisco field office.

In one email sent in June 2022, Broderick claims to be “an American who is literally hunting down an idiot traitor.” He warned agents they had 24 hours to respond to his allegations against Apple or “I'm not content with depriving you of your livelihood.”

He later posted a video of himself observing the FBI office.

Broderick faces up to five years in prison. Sentencing is scheduled for June 24.

In November 2022, a former buyer of Apple parts and services pleaded guilty to defrauding Apple of more than $17 million. He was sentenced to three years in prison and ordered to pay more than $19 million in restitution.

In May 2023, the Justice Department indicted a third former engineer for allegedly stealing self-driving car technology in 2018 after the engineer tried to pass Apple trade secrets to a Chinese company developing autonomous driving. company.

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