Forgotten Apple Vision Pro password no longer means visiting the Apple Store

visionOS on Apple Vision Pro

The third Apple update for the Apple Vision Pro operating system, VisionOS 1.0. 3 makes changes to the way passwords are handled to prevent users from being sent to the Apple Store.

VisionOS 1.0.3, released on Monday, is the first official update to the operating system since the release of Apple's Vision Pro itself. The update contains important changes regarding passwords.

Before the update, Apple Vision Pro owners discovered that they could not restore their headset if they had somehow forgotten their password. Affected users had to either send the headset to Apple or visit the Apple Store to reset it due to the lack of a mechanism to do it themselves.

This change was initially seen in the VisionOS 1.1 developer beta, but arrived earlier than expected in version 1.0.3. Password handling is similar to Apple Watch password handling: users can delete all their data from Apple Vision Pro to retain the password.

As part of the reset, users will still be required to verify the authenticity of their Apple ID.

The VisionOS 1.0.3 update has build number 21N333 and replaces VisionOS 1.0.2 dated January 31, build number 21N323.

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