Foldable iPhone and Face ID under the screen, rumored release date pushed back again

'iPhone Fold&#039 ; The design is expected to incorporate design elements from existing Apple products.

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Researcher market I now declare that Apple will have both foldable iPhones and Face ID under the screen — but both won't be ready to launch for many years.

It was previously reported that the iPhone 16 Pro would feature an under-bezel Face ID sensor, seemingly eliminating the need for either a notch or Dynamic Island. Apple is also reportedly working on two foldable iPhone prototypes — unless he gave up the idea completely.

However, according to The Elec, Omdia senior market researcher Kang Min-soo told the audience at the 2024 Korea Display Conference that Apple will have foldable devices and under-the-panel Face ID later than expected. The iPhone 17 line will include a foldable display, but it is the iPhone 18 Pro that can operate in full-screen mode without Dynamic Island.

“Apple predicts the release of a foldable iPhone with a diagonal of 7 to 8 inches in 2026,” Min Soo said. “The iPhone SE4 with low temperature polycrystalline silicon (LTPS) TFT OLED will be released next year, and if the iPhone 17 series uses LTPO TFT in all four models in the second half of next year, Apple will also have to differentiate the iPhone lineup.”

The researcher claims that this difference will be due to the hiding of the Face ID sensor under the display. He says Apple originally intended to add this feature to the 2024 iPhone 16, but now says it will be introduced in 2027 — later than other rumor sources believe.

This researcher believes that the introduction of a foldable iPhone will also further differentiate Apple from its competitors, even though those competitors already have foldable smartphones. In Apple's case, he claims that an iPhone that expands to a 7- or 8-inch screen size will be similar to the iPad mini.

This iPhone Fold will look like an iPad mini with an OLED screen. Consequently, he argues that when “a 7-inch foldable product is released… it may seek synergy or differentiation with the iPad mini.”

Omdia researcher Kang Min-soo has no authoritative experience with Apple News, nor does the Korea Display Conference. Still, The Elec has strong contacts in the supply chain, even if it sometimes doesn't quite accurately predict Apple's plans.

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