Federal government AI initiatives follow three rules – White House

With 2024 looking like the year Apple will make a big push into generative artificial intelligence, the federal government is also encouraging the use of AI in-house agencies …

However, today the White House announced that government agencies that want to reap the benefits of AI must implement three safeguards to mitigate potential risks related to technology.

Three rules for the federal government government initiatives in the field of artificial intelligence

Engadget notes that Vice President Kamala Harris announced a new policy that gives federal agencies three requirements when implementing artificial intelligence initiatives:

  • Ensure security
  • Be transparent.
  • Appoint a chief artificial intelligence officer.

“I believe that all leaders in government, civil society and the private sector have a moral, ethical and social duty to ensure that artificial intelligence is adopted and developed in a way that protects the public from potential harm, while ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to reap its benefits.” #8221; – the vice president told reporters during a press conference.

Ensure safety

First, agencies will need to ensure that any artificial intelligence tools they use “do not compromise the rights and safety of the American people.” They have until December 1 to ensure that “specific safety measures” are in place. to make sure that the artificial intelligence systems they use do not influence Americans; security or rights.

This requirement is not limited to physical security, but also to such things as maintaining the integrity of elections and voting infrastructure.

One of the serious problems caused by systems AI, is that because they learn from what has been done in the past, they can perpetuate systemic bias. Therefore, appropriate safeguards are needed for the use of AI in areas such as preventive policing and pre-employment screening.

Be transparent

Federal agencies must disclose information about the artificial intelligence systems they use, with full details published. in most cases.

“Today, President Biden and I are demanding that U.S. government agencies annually publish online a list of their artificial intelligence systems. , assessing the risks that these systems may pose, and how these risks are managed” Harris said.

As part of these efforts, agencies will be required to publish government-owned artificial intelligence codes, models and data as long as doing so will not harm the public or government operations.


Appoint a Chief AI Specialist

Last but not least, federal agencies will need internal oversight of their use of AI. This includes each department appointing a chief artificial intelligence officer to oversee all agency use of artificial intelligence.

“This is to ensure that artificial intelligence is used responsibly, understanding that we must have senior leaders in our government specifically tasked with overseeing the adoption and use of AI,” the company said. Harris noted. Many agencies will also be required to create AI governance boards by May 27.

Apple's relatively slow move toward generative AI is almost certainly the result of the company's actions. own concerns about potential risks.

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