EU developers can start testing app marketplaces and apps that won't be distributed on the App Store

EU DMA obliges Apple to allow alternative app stores

Apple's controversial plans to comply with EU law digital markets is being implemented, and developers can now submit alternative app stores and external apps through App Store Connect.

Apple's EU DMA compliance is set to come into effect by March 2024, so the company is already taking steps to allow developers to begin testing their apps and marketplaces. Documentation found on Apple's developer website states that developers can use App Store Connect and its API for customization.

Developers who agree to Apple's new EU rules can create app stores that compete with the App Store. These stores will offer apps that want to exist outside of the Apple App Store or cannot exist for other reasons according to Apple's rules.

App Store Connect and its API have been updated to allow developers to customize app distribution on the marketplace. These apps and marketplaces can be tested using Apple's TestFlight app.

Applications submitted for testing may use new alternative browser systems, alternative payment providers, and external links.

Apple also offers online consultations and labs for developers who need help getting started or understanding changes. More than 600 new APIs are available to developers, despite Apple's apparent opposition to DMA.

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