Epic says Apple will reinstate developer accounts, clearing the way for the Epic Games Store on iPhone

After a storm of events, Epic Games reports that Apple has reinstated its developer account in the App Store. The move opens the door for Epic to bring its Epic Games Store to the EU, avoiding the App Store structure entirely. The twist is somewhat surprising as Apple appears to be sticking to its decision to revoke Epic's developer account on Wednesday.

Epic Games unbanned again

Here's what Epic Games said in a new blog update on Wednesday:

Apple has informed us and committed to the European Commission to reinstate our developer account. This sends a strong signal to developers that the European Commission will act quickly to enforce the Digital Markets Act and hold controllers accountable. We are moving forward as planned with the launch of the Epic Games Store and the return of Fortnite on iOS in Europe. Go!

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney added this color to the X:

DMA went through its first major challenge when Apple banned Sweden's Epic Games from competing with the App Store. and DMA had just scored its first major victory. Following the European Commission's prompt investigation, Apple has notified the Commission and Epic that it will concede and restore our access in order to return Fortnite and launch the Epic Games Store in Europe in accordance with the DMA law. A big win for the European rule of law, for the European Commission and for the freedom of developers around the world to speak their minds. #FreeFortnite!

So what has changed?

Turnaround really is an interesting 48 hours. The uproar came to a head on Wednesday when Epic Games announced that its EU developer account had been partially suspended due to a tweet. Epic backed up its claims with private emails between Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney, Apple spokesman Phil Schiller and legal representatives from both firms.

At the time, Apple pointed to a 2021 court ruling. USA as grounds for closing an Epic developer account. Apple argued that it had no reason to believe that Epic Games would no longer violate App Store policies by creating a new developer account.

So what changed? Apple tells 9to5Mac that it has held further discussions with Epic. As a result, Apple received a proper commitment that Epic would follow the rules defined by law.

“After conversations with Epic, they committed to following the rules, including ours DMA policy. As a result, Epic Sweden AB was allowed to re-sign with the developer and participate in the Apple Developer Program.”

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