Epic Games vs Apple battle will resume in Australia with Google involved

Still from the Epic Games 'Free Fortnite' video

The suspended legal battle between Apple and Epic Games in Australia is set to resume, but a similar lawsuit against Google will be included in the same trial.

As part of the global legal battle against Apple over the popular game Fortnite, Epic Games attempted to bring the case to the Australian courts in 2020. However, in April 2021, a judge ordered a stay of the case until the US decided to dismiss the case. version of the dispute came to a conclusion.

With the US trial almost completely over, the Australian trial is preparing to begin again. This time, Apple won't be the only one who will have to fend off Epic Games, as Google will also be in the same courtroom.

As in the US, Epic had parallel cases against Apple and Google in Australia with similar allegations of monopolistic behavior and disputes over in-app purchases.

Judge Jonathan Beach decided it was best to hear both cases simultaneously, as well as a class action brought on behalf of developers and consumers, The Guardian reports. The judge decided to avoid duplicating testimony from witnesses, which would include many senior people from all three companies.

Five months or more

Courtroom work expected to continue for up to five months. Opening submissions will take two weeks, followed by three months of expert and witness testimony.

As in the US trial, witnesses are expected to include big names from Apple and Google, with some apparently already in Melbourne preparing for the hearing. Epic CEO Tim Sweeney is also expected to attend the event.

After a three-month evidence period, closing submissions will continue for a further two weeks, with the trial ending in mid-July. However, Justice Beach's decision is not expected to be handed down until six months after it is handed down.

Due to the prospect of a lengthy appeal process, trials may not be fully concluded until 2025 or later.

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