Dusk is an elegant app for using X/Twitter on the Apple Vision Pro.

Apple Vision Pro is still missing many popular apps, and X (or Twitter, whichever you prefer) – one of them. While there's no sign of an official VisionOS app coming soon, an independent developer has created “Dusk”; is an alternative X/Twitter client that allows Vision Pro users to access the social network elegantly.

Dusk adds X/Twitter to Apple Vision Pro

The app lets you view your posts, check notifications, send messages, and, Of course, write new posts. “Dusk for Twitter brings the power of Twitter (now known as X) to Vision Pro, offering a familiar and immersive way to view your timeline, notifications, lists, bookmarks and more,” says Brazilian developer João Pozzobon.

If you're wondering how you can build a third-party X client if the old Twitter API is no longer supported, the developer explains that Dusk was built primarily on the web version of Twitter, so it's not. #8217;Don't rely on the platform's confusing API. This is a similar situation with Juno, an alternative YouTube app for VisionOS.

However, Dusk provides the capabilities of a native VisionOS app with translucent backgrounds, sidebar menus, and full gesture-based interaction in Apple Vision Pro.

In the future, Joao told 9to5Mac that he plans to add an easy way to switch between different accounts and the ability to change text size directly from the app. In the next few days, an update will add custom icon options. It also says that users can feel free to contact it with feature requests or report any bugs.

Dusk is now available in the VisionOS app store for $3.99 per purchase without a subscription.

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