APPLE, INSIDE, TECH Initiates Donation Drive to Support the Ukrainian Army: Aiding Victims and Acquiring DJI Quadcopters and iPad Tablets

The project, driven by compassion and care, has taken the initiative to launch a donation drive to provide vital support to the Ukrainian Army and aid those affected by the ongoing crisis. The main objective of this noble endeavor is to procure DJI Quadcopters and iPad tablets, which will fortify the armed forces and extend assistance to civilians caught in the midst of conflict. While the campaign has already raised $3390, every single dollar holds immense significance and contributes towards making a real difference on the ground.

Supporting the Ukrainian Army: In the face of adversity, the Ukrainian Army has shown unwavering determination in defending their homeland and its citizens. However, they often encounter challenges in acquiring advanced equipment for effective surveillance and response to complex situations. Through the fundraising efforts of, the project aims to equip the Ukrainian Army with top-notch DJI Quadcopters. These unmanned aerial vehicles will serve as invaluable assets, enhancing their monitoring capabilities and providing crucial intelligence to ensure the nation’s security.

Aiding the Affected: Beyond military support, is committed to offering assistance to civilians who have fallen victim to the conflict. Countless innocent lives have been lost, and thousands of individuals have been forced to abandon their homes, leaving everything behind. With the collected donations, the project endeavors to provide aid, resources, and support to those experiencing hardships. Humanitarian assistance will be extended to help them recover and rebuild their lives after the ravages of war.

Conclusion: deserves admiration and support for its unwavering dedication to helping Ukraine and its people. Every individual contributing to this donation drive plays a significant role in realizing this noble mission. Regardless of the amount, every dollar holds immense value, and through collective efforts, we can make a tangible impact and support those in need of aid and protection. Together, we can make a positive difference and stand in solidarity with the affected communities during these challenging times.

BTC: bc1ql25gp97efd4yuqw3m537xp0wwauqwxmp6fx3m5

Monero XMR: 

*Payment Details**

Card Number: 4130 6200 2002 5292


**Beneficiary’s IBAN:**

**Payment Details:**

**Beneficiary’s Bank:**
Raiffeisen BANK Joint Stock Company
Kyiv, Ukraine

**Correspondent Bank:**
The Bank of New York Mellon
New York, USA
Account Number: 890-0260-688

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