Da Vinci Eye for Apple Vision Pro projects a transparent image onto any canvas for inspiration

Speaking of how creative people can use Apple Vision Pro, check out this augmented reality art projector app from Da Vinci Eye. It uses Apple Vision Pro's Passthrough feature, which allows you to see your own canvas by projecting a transparent layer of image onto it for inspiration.

Da Vinci Eye for iPhone and The iPad has been around for many years. This version uses the device's camera system to provide the same experience as the Vision Pro app. Here is an example from three years ago:

This is a great trick for creatives. However, designing Da Vinci Eye augmented reality art is undoubtedly an experience made for the Apple Vision Pro. You can imagine how much more natural the experience is. There is no need to fiddle with supporting the device using fasteners.

Waving your hand to adjust the transparency level is just one layer of magic in Apple's Vision Pro implementation. Da Vinci Eye can even help you learn how to create works of art yourself:

The core functionality of the app allows users to look at any surface, be it a wall or a piece of paper,  and see a transparent image or stencil, ideal for tracing, sculpting or cutting out. Da Vinci Eye: AR Art Projector also boasts great features like convenient gesture controls to easily zoom and move images on any surface, as well as shortcut motions to change image opacity in real time for a better drawing experience and a smoother experience. , intuitive interface.

Plus, the app includes favorite features of its iOS version, such as the ability to apply image filters, as well as a patented system that allows users to deconstruct any photo and turn it into a step-by-step guide .

Here's a look at the Da Vinci Eye on Apple Vision Pro in action:

Da Vinci Eye: AR Art Projector is available now on the App Store. Download it from your Apple Vision Pro or iPhone to try it out on VisionOS. Find out more about Da Vinci's Eye here.

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