Crime Report: Influential Man Who Filmed Philadelphia Apple Store Robbery Prosecuted

Apple Store on Walnut Street in Philadelphia

In the latest Apple Crime Blotter, the accused Google engineer used products Apple, to avoid suspicion, accuses a school official of stealing an iPad, and Find My helps arrest the AirPods thief.

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Influencer who filmed robberies outside Philadelphia Apple Store to face trial

Social media influencer who appeared in self-made viral video during during the robberies outside the Apple Store in Philadelphia will go on trial in September on burglary charges.

A 22-year-old woman using the social handle “Meatball” was arraigned on charges including burglary, conspiracy and criminal trespass, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported. Her video included footage of people stealing from an Apple Store and throwing iPhones to the ground when they realized the merchandise was bricked up.

The looting occurred after the announcement that charges in an officer-involved shooting had been dropped. More than 60 people were arrested in the citywide robberies, although it is unclear how many were stolen from the Apple Store.

Accused Google engineer used Apple Notes to evade detection, prosecutors say

In early March, a Google software engineer was indicted on federal charges that he tried to steal artificial intelligence-related technology while working for the technology giant on behalf of a pair of companies in China.

Although this man, Lingwei Ding, may have worked for Google, he used Apple products in committing the alleged crimes.

“Allegedly copied data from Google source files into the Apple Notes application on his Google-issued MacBook laptop,” the Justice Department said in the indictment. “By then converting Apple Notes to PDF files and downloading them from Google’s network into a separate account, Dean allegedly evaded detection by Google’s data loss prevention systems.”

Former school technician official charged with selling iPad

The former head of technology and innovation for a Texas school district has been charged with selling iPads and computers that belonged to the district.

News 4 San Antonio, which first reported the charges, reports the man is charged with theft by a public servant and theft of property.

The alleged crime first became known when a TV channel viewer bought an iPad on Facebook Marketplace. When the buyer became suspicious, she Googled his name and realized he worked for the school district and had personally pushed the district to buy hundreds of laptops, iPads and Verizon hotspots during the pandemic.

Find My iPhone Leads to the Arrest of a Man Accused of Stealing AirPods

After a series of car break-ins near York University in Nebraska, a 30-year-old man was arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance, theft and tampering with evidence.

Among the stolen items were a pair of AirPods that were traced to their owner, 1011 Now reported. Based on the warrant, police arrested the man at his home.

iPad delivered to family's home as part of a scam

Also, in Nebraska, a family received an unpleasant surprise in early March when scammers stole his wife's personal information and delivered an iPad Pro to their home.

WOWT explains that the thieves opened an account with AT&T and delivered the iPad to their home. A stranger then arrived looking for an iPad and was captured on the family's doorbell camera.

To teenager charged with stealing iPhone during Facebook Marketplace sale

A Pittsburgh teen has been charged after he was accused of stealing an iPhone after he arranged to buy it on Facebook Marketplace.

The suspect said the theft must have happened close to his home because he had an ankle monitor and was unable to travel, according to WPXI. According to the report, the thief stated, “You're going to take a loss here,” before lifting his jacket to reveal a gun.

The defendant was charged with robbery and possession of a firearm by a minor.

A drunken thief in India is accused of trying to exchange a stolen iPhone for food

In a viral thread on X (formerly Twitter), a social network Media user claimed that a drunk man in Goa, India, stole her iPhone and soon tried to exchange it for bhaji pao, a popular dish in the region.

According to the tweet, the grocery store owner refused, kept the iPhone, charged it and eventually returned it to the owner.

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