Crime Bulletin: One year later, Alderwood Apple Store theft remains unsolved

Apple Store Alderwood

In the latest Apple Crime Blotter report, there was a major Apple Watch theft at Walmart and Woz won the round in court and Malaysian ethics after the iPhone incident.

The latest in a series of AppleInsider articles dedicated to the world of crime related to Apple.

Nearly a year later, the Alderwood Mall Apple Store break-in remains unsolved

It was likely the biggest Apple Store theft of 2023. On April 2, burglars broke through the wall of a nearby coffee shop and stole $500,000 worth of merchandise — including more than 400 iPhones — from the Alderwood Mall Apple Store in Washington State.

Even though the first anniversary of the theft is days away, the theft remains unsolved and no arrests have been made.

A spokeswoman for the Lynnwood Police Department told AppleInsider that the last they heard about the case was that it was being “worked on at the federal level.”

32 Apple Watch stolen from Walmart

Recent The theft of $1.3 million worth of Apple products by a former UPS worker in Winnipeg could be the largest Apple heist in Canadian history.

At the end of March there was another, smaller theft north of the border. Thieves stole 32 Apple Watches from Walmart in Fergus, Ontario.

According to Guelph Today, the theft occurred on the afternoon of March 15 when three men gathered around a closet and removed several items. The theft was recorded on surveillance video:

Steve Wozniak wins round in fraud lawsuit against YouTube

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak wins round in lawsuit he filed against YouTube in which Wozniak's image was mistakenly used to promote a Bitcoin scam.

The San Jose Mercury News reports that an appeals court overturned an earlier ruling that Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act protected YouTube from the lawsuit.

Wozniak filed the lawsuit in 2020 along with 17 other plaintiffs. The videos featured footage of Wozniak speaking at conferences, overlaid with “images and text added to clips [that] promised free Bitcoin.”

Apple is not a party to the lawsuit.

iPad helped catch the “Snatcher Gang of Suitcases” » in the UK

A trio of women who stole suitcases from trains in the UK were caught after an iPad was left in one of the stolen bags.

Since 2022, bandits have stolen suitcases on trains across the country and stole an estimated $17,600 worth of items, according to The Daily Mail.

The iPad signal tracked the items to the youth hostel. , which led to their arrest. One of the women received 27 months in prison, the rest received suspended sentences.

” 'Porch Pirate' wanted in Florida for stealing iPhone

The Polk County Sheriff's Office in Florida is looking for a man who stole an iPhone package from the porch of a Lakeland home.

The alleged thief was wearing a “navy blue North Carolina hoodie, gray sweatpants and gray shoes” and was driving a gray Volkswagen, WTSP reported.

The sheriff's office posted a video of the theft on YouTube:

Gym employee accused of AirDropping photos of nude women

A Florida woman told a TV station that when she went to cancel her membership at a Jacksonville area gym in 2021, a gym employee used a woman's iPhone to AirDrop intimate photos of the woman.

According to News4Jax, the man in question has not been arrested. The police officer who questioned the man was a former Apple employee and warned the employee that such transfers do not happen by accident.

Man's iPhone theft in Malaysia starts 'national conversation'

In Malaysia, a man wearing a religious cap was caught on camera stealing a pair of iPhones from a store in a shopping mall.

The Rakyat Post reports that the emergence of the footage has sparked “a national conversation about ethics, technological thirst and the invisible cost of our digital desires.”

“As we navigate the complexities of modern life, where technology increasingly defines our value and identity, incidents like these serve as poignant reminders of the values ​​we choose to uphold,” the report says.

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