Colorware Unveils Retro Update with Limited Edition “Apple Number 2 Pencil”

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Colorware today introduces an exciting new product: the Apple Number 2 Pencil. The update makes Apple's high-quality stylus feel like a classic pencil. Read on for the details and find out how much it will cost you.

Spotted by MKBHD, Colorware today unveiled its latest creation with a unique nostalgic aesthetic. .

Here's how Coloware describes the Apple Number 2 Pencil:

What makes it different? It connects instantly to your iPad, charges seamlessly, and delivers accuracy that feels perfect. And it is made in the style of the pencil we all know, updated to take into account modern technology. It's not just smart; it looks sleek, too.

Pull out the ColorWare Apple Number 2 Pencil and you'll instantly find yourself doing more than just being present; you are a presence. It's an unspoken effect, a quiet wave of intrigue that carries through the room. It's not just about some technology; It's about a symbol of uniqueness that says a lot before you do it, turning a simple interaction into a memorable exchange.

Apple Number 2 Pencil Color Details

  • 2nd Generation Pencil
  • Do NOT Sharpen
  • This Limited Edition product comes in matte & gloss finishes.
  • Available for a limited time only.
  • ColorWare Guarantee.
  • Price: $215.00.

The regular Apple Pencil 2 retails for $129, which is an additional $86, but at the time of writing it's on sale on Amazon for $79, meaning it's a limited edition costs more than $136.

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