Castro Podcast App Saved from Sale; subscription is not increasing “currently”

Podcast app Castro has been saved from an uncertain future by its sale to Aurelian Android podcast app developer Bluck Apps .

The team promises that they won't make any major changes to the app and that subscription prices won't increase “at this time”; …

Castro has long been one of our favorite podcast apps.

Castro takes a unique approach to managing subscriptions. You sign up for a show, but then a queuing system is used to manage the show. As new episodes become available, you can queue or archive the show. This feature is useful if you listen to shows that have daily episodes. If you have favorite shows, you can auto-queue them so you never miss them.

I love Castro's innovative approach to library management. If you have a hard time keeping up with new episodes, Castro is for you. Like many other apps, it includes the ability to use different playback speeds and trim silence (requires Castro Plus).

However, its future was thrown into doubt when a former employee said back in November that the app would be shut down by January, and it appeared to be that way when it stopped working and the website disappeared. Business has resumed, but with no certainty about the future.

Castro saved by sale

Castro Team today announced that the app has been sold and will continue to operate.

We are pleased to announce that Castro has been acquired from Blue Apps. Castro is a great app with a long history on iOS and a loyal following, and will continue to operate in its current form.

Bluck Apps said that it, too, is an independent developer and has no plans for major changes.

This is a return to its independent sources. We won't be making any drastic changes like redesigning the UI to make it look more like TikTok. We are not adding an AI chatbot. We'll just continue the podcast service you've come to love, with a few changes to modernize and keep things running smoothly.

It said the price wouldn't change immediately, but users should subscribe now to avoid raises in the future.

We are not buying Castro to milk him for income. Castro's price isn't currently going up, [however] you might want to sign up for the premium version now because it won't be $1 a year forever.

The company also promised it will become much more it is better to communicate with users, recognizing that under the previous owner it was not possible.

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