Black eyes of Apple Vision Pro, dinosaurs and Apple's mastery of logistics in the AppleInsider podcast

Dinosaurs in Apple Vision Pro

It's not true that Apple Vision Pro usually gives you black eyes, but it might It's true that Apple could create more immersive video. Plus we don't have iPads yet, but we think we know where they are.

One of your organizers wears an Apple Vision Pro, but none of them have black eyes. Wes Hilliard explains how the user managed to get them, and also why Apple cares so much about making the Apple Vision Pro user-friendly.

And then there is the case of the missing iPads: there are always rumors of new ones, and we even see them in the databases of regulators, but they are not here. It looks like we'll see them in May, and the reason is partly because of Apple's famous understanding of the logistics of shipping millions of devices.

Also in this release, Apple allowed emulators of classic games on the App Store — however, it's still such a legal gray area that you'll have to wait a long time for many classic games to be emulated.

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  • Apple now allows the use of emulators classic games on the App Store
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  • li> li>

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