Best AirTag Cases, Keychains, and Straps [2024 Update: Magnetic, Waterproof, and More]

It's time for a 2024 update featuring the best AirTag cases, mounts, straps and more. While you'll find some basic options, there have also been a few new releases in the AirTag accessories space over the last year or so. This includes everything from Apple's FineWoven treatment to new full-grain leather cases, options designed specifically for bag interiors and fabric, mini magnetic waterproof styles that can withstand shocks, cases with snap hooks, and more. Below, we've updated our ongoing list of the best AirTag cases, mounts, and straps for people looking for a new solution, or for those who may have just purchased a few new Apple locators over the holidays.

The best AirTag cases, key chains, straps and much more

Before you dive into the best AirTag gear below, here's everything you need to know about AirTag support in the web version of Apple Find My. Before you make any final decisions, you'll also want to check out our hands-on impressions of the AirTag and Apple accessories. Not to mention this handy AirTag setup guide that details lost mode, battery replacement, removal, and what all those AirTag sounds actually mean.

Below you'll find all the best options available right now, and you can expect even more to be added to the list in the coming days/weeks as additional models hit 9to5 offices around the world. These are just a few of the brands we are familiar with and/or options we have reviewed so far:


Apple AirTag Accessories

  • Apple AirTag FineWoven Keychain $35
  • Apple Loop AirTag $29
  • Apple AirTag Leather Keychain $35
  • Apple AirTag Leather Lanyard $39 USA

Elevation Lab

  • TagVault Fabric Mount $14
  • TagVault Strap $20
  • TagVault Bike v2 $35
  • TagVault Adhesive Surface 10, $50
  • TagVault Pet $15
  • Original Waterproof TagVault $11
  • TagVault Wallet Holder $8
  • NEWTagVault AirTag Magnetic Mount $25 for 2
  • NEWTagVault AirTag Pin $15for 2
  • And even more

The first waterproof cases for Apple AirTags. Other open designs allow AirTags to get scratched and exposed to everything else in your pocket (sorry, Hermès). Nondescript, does not visually show that this is an AirTag case. Ultra-durable composite construction with stainless steel parts.

More on 9to5Toys: Elevation Lab Introduces New AirTag Pin Mounts Starting at $10.50

More on 9to5Toys: Elevation Lab Introduces New Waterproof Magnetic Mounts – “The Best Way to Keep an AirTag in Your Car.”

More on 9to5Toys: Elevation Lab lights up your pups with a new glow-in-the-dark waterproof AirTag holder

Harber Handmade Leather Cases London for AirTag

  • AirTag Leather Case USD 76
  • AirTag Leather Case USD 76

Caseology Apple AirTags

Caseology AirTag Vault $14 USA

Rugged, durable TPU with sandstone texture will keep your AirTag Safe…Convenient carabiner allows you to buckle and go… Will not interfere with signal transmission or sound.

Plus full launch information right here

Spigen Cases and Rugged Armor

Spigen AirPods Pro Tag Armor Case with AirTag Slot$25

Full launch details here.

Spigen AirFit Card Wallet Case for AirTags $18

Full information about the launch here

Full information about the launch here

Full information about the launch right here

Plus p>

AirTag Valentinus case $25

AirTag Rugged Armor Case $25

Plus full launch info here

Belkin Twist and Lock Solutions

Belkin AirTag Secure Holder with Strap9 US dollars

More colors from Belkin

Belkin AirTag Case with Key Ring $13

Hands-on with the Secure Holder here

A also full launch info here


AirTag CYRIL Clear & Glitter Cases $17

Learn more about Spigen subsidiary AirTags accessories


NEW elago Snapshot Cover $14

More release information can be found here.

elago AirTag Basic Key Case $9

Plus full information about the launch here

elago Introduces New SNES Controller-Style W5 AirTag Key Case With Release Discount

elago Brings iPod Shuffle vibes to your Apple AirTag with a Brand New Case

MoKo Protective Cases for AirTag

3 packs of soft silicone with keychain $13.00

4 pack of AirTag Protective Loop Cases $19.00

Soft silicone protective case is professionally designed for the newly released AirTags; metal keychain that is difficult to rust with prolonged use

ESR AirTag keychain

Silicone case of two pieces with keychain$15

Black, blue, white and red

Flexible, durable, and grippy silicone holds tag securely , and only takes a few seconds to put on… The open design on both sides ensures your tag's signal is strong and consistent… The smooth surface allows you to remove dust and dirt with a quick wipe or rinse.

Nomad AirTags Gear

AirTag Leather Keychain $30 (reg. $40)

AirTag Goggle Strap $30 (reg. $40)

NEW Durable AirTag $30 (regional price $40)

NEW Pet Tag $30 (regional price $40)

Plus Full launch details here

NEW! Nomad expands its line of AirTags accessories with new durable key fobs and pet tags.

Moment Shells and Mounts

Stretch Fabric Mount for AirTags $20

Manufactured Made from high quality bonded Powermesh, it virtually adheres to any fabric surface with a proprietary adhesive backing. 

Hard Mount for AirTags $20

Made from a durable aramid fiber shell and equipped with heavy-duty adhesive, you can attach the AirTag to any flat surface.

Attachment for curved surface for AirTags $20

Flexible silicone design allows AirTag to easily attach to virtually any hard surface… waterproof shell and strong adhesive.

AirTag wallet of a French company

AirTag wallet of a French company company $99

Holds up to 12 cards and amplifier; 12 bills, Magnetic clasp, Eco-friendly Italian leather of the highest quality, RFID blocking, AirTag slot…


FollowPaw Cork Leather Collar with AirTag $60

Our choice of renewable material is cork leather. The cork is 100% vegan, waterproof and durable. This makes it the best and most environmentally friendly vegan leather available. Each product features a unique and beautiful cork structure that allows you to win any style competition.

More information can be found here

New Case-Mate AirTag Accessories

Case-Mate AirTag Collar Mount with Glow-in-the-Dark Design $20.00

Case-Mate AirTags Sticker $15.00 or 4 pcs. for $10each.

Case-Mate AirTags Clip Ring $20

Case-Mate AirTags Tough Sport $15

Plus more details here


Case-Mate Pelican Protector AirTag Stick-On Mount $20

Or 4-pack for $40

More details here

CASETiFY AirTags Accessories

CASETiFY AirTag Keychain and Holder Case $35

  • with a clip in the form of a carabiner, additional emoticons, etc.

More details here


Ringke Twist Lock AirTag Hard Case$9

4-Pack Ringke AirTag Case $15

More details here


Raptic has installed a three-digit combination lock on its latest die-cast zinc Link AirTag:

  • Raptic Link & Combination Lock AirTag Case $40

More details can be found here


Catalyst Unveils New Military-Grade Beats Waterproof Headphones Studio Buds Case, AirTags Gear and More:

  • Catalyst Hang-It AirTag Case $35
    • The Hang-It comes with a key fob and a carabiner that can be attached to anything from a pet tag to a child's backpack.
  • Catalyst Clip-It AirTag Case $35
    • Clip -It attaches to most harnesses, including pet collars, harnesses for cameras and shoelaces.
  • Catalyst Stick-It AirTag Case $35
    • Stick-It has a built-in removable 3M VHB sticker that can be easily attached to most surfaces.

More details here


Vegan leather Casely AirTag keychains from $14

More details here

WaterField's New AirTag Leather Gear

WaterField AirTag Luggage Tag $49

WaterField Keychain with Steel Lock $25

Additional information here

Budget AirTag Key Protectors, Chains, Cases & Lanyards

  • Orzero 6 pcs Soft TPU Protective Film $8 
  • Orzero, 4 pcs, silicone film $14
  • Clear Anti-Scratch Olixar Apple AirTags $9.50
  • ArmorSuit, 6-Pack, Anti-Glare Shell $9.50
  • AWINNER, 5 pcs. TPU Front/Back Guard $8
  • Olixar Apple AirTags Genuine Leather Guard Loop $18
  • Olixar 4 packaging Apple AirTags adhesive silicone Pocket USD 12
  • Olixar Apple AirTags genuine leather pet collar USD 20
  • Olixar Nylon Adjustable Pet Collar with Apple AirTags $18
  • Xmada Assorted Silicone Case Set, 4 Pieces. USD 18
  • 4 sets of AWINNER cat paw silicone cases $16
  • 4 Pack of AWINNER Black Silicone Cases $16
  • Wairco Snap Case for Apple AirTag $19 (reg. $24)
  • >

  • AirCovered Case with Keychain Loop $10 (reg. $15)
  • Milwaukee Leather Luggage Tag $25 (regional price $35)
  • Or 3-pack for $68
  • 2-Pack DamonLight: Protective Case + Keychain USD 14
  • DamonLight Shockproof Case + Carabiner USD 13
  • Leather Case DamonLight + Keychain $15
  • Zanderlyn Locket Keychain $12.00
  • Shein AirTag Silicone Case + Key Ring $2.00
  • Plus other styles starting at $2.00
  • Techypop Designer Soft Fabric Case $20 (or less in bulk)

Plus some handmade options via Etsy…

  • PlanterCoStore Keychain Luggage Tag $21.50 USA
  • WildflowerCoLeather Keychain USD 25
  • Dog Collar with Tag Lock USD 20
  • Strong>

  • BikeTagr Bike Mount $19
  • Vegan Leather Protective Skin $14.50
  • BrightFutureHeirloom Vinyl Decal strong>$5 (15% off)
  • ROXXLYN Real Slate Stone Case USD 24
    • Plus Indian Summer colorway USD 26
  • MyAlpacaStudio Knitted Keychain USD 18
  • Danny Rolph Leather Key Case >USD 35
  • Faux Kemper suede/leather with pet collar starting at $20
  • TagCard Flex Wallet Case $15
    • Also available at Amazon

More to come soon…Update

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  • Comment: What products could Apple use the U1 chip next?
  • The AirTag is likely to get scratched even with careful handling, reviewers say.
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