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Apple Arcade games for iPhone, Mac, Apple TV [New: Skate City and Old Man's Journey+]

Apple Arcade was launched with nearly 100 titles and new games are regularly added to the service, with over 200 games currently in the library. Follow our guide to Apple Arcade games. New: Skate City has received a major update and Old Man's Journey+ is the newest game in Apple Arcade.< /p> You can learn …


How to watch the new Christmas movie Spirited on Apple TV+

Energy, a new big-budget holiday movie starring Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell, premieres on Apple TV+ this week. Spirited is a contemporary musical interpretation of the Dickens classic. History of a Christmas Song. Here's how to watch. In this story, Ryan Reynolds is Clint Briggs. Will Ferrell plays the Ghost of the Christmas Present. In …


Working out with Apple Watch? This smart scale syncs weight with iPhone

An Apple Watch can help you stay motivated to exercise and improve your health, and a smart scale that syncs data to your iPhone can be a fun and rewarding way to track your progress. If you want to easily collect your weight and other measurements in the Health app on your iPhone, you need …


Best Mac accessories: Thunderbolt 4 dock, MagicBridge and more

Because I was overhauling my system in 2022 in conjunction with Mac Studio and MacBook Pro, I used this as an opportunity to add new accessories. This includes the new OWC Thunderbolt Dock, the sleek Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad accessory from Twelve South, and more. See below for details. Best accessory for Mac : …


Google has iMessage in mind as it eases concerns about switching and gifting an iPhone to a Pixel 7.

Google has been talking a lot about RCS and iMessage in recent months, and the iPhone-only solution is top notch as it launches Pixel 7 holiday ads targeted at switches. Today, as Black Friday sales begin, Google released “4 ways to switch to Pixel easier than ever” Today. The blog post is specifically for people …


SecuritySpy turns your Mac into a complete surveillance system for your home or business

There are many solutions for video surveillance, but most of them are too complicated for most people. But with SecuritySpy, Mac users can turn their computer into a complete surveillance system for their home or business. And all this on an advanced and intuitive platform. SecuritySpy is developed by Ben Software, a company founded in …


AirPods Pro 2 vs AirPods Pro, AirPods 2/3: which is better for the holiday season?

Following Apple's popular active noise-cancelling headphones, the AirPods Pro 2 received a number of thoughtful improvements. This includes features like 2x more noise cancellation, adaptive transparency, an upgraded charging case with Find My tracking, a speaker, a lanyard loop, and more.


AirPods Pro review: how to check if your replacement headphones are suitable

Are you experiencing issues with one or both of your AirPods Pro 1st Gen? They may be eligible for Apple's Free Maintenance Program. Learn how to check eligibility for a replacement AirPods Pro. Updated Nov 17, 22 : This maintenance program is still ongoing as it covers affected AirPods Pro up to 3 years after …


Here's how to save Christmas while there's still time when the iPhone 14 Pro is sold out.

Apple this morning shared the details of its annual Black Friday holiday shopping experience, which offers up to $250 in Black Friday gift cards to new device buyers. Along with this, the company also posted a breakdown of the “last dates to order holiday gifts” with free shipping. As expected Apple says it's too late …