Aurzen Boom 3 Projector Review: Compact Entertainment Center

Aurzen Boom 3 Projector Review

Aurzen Boom 3 Projector

3.0/5 Buy on Amazon

The Aurzen Boom 3 is a 3-in-1 projector that doubles as a good projector, speaker, and smart TV.

Projectors are more portable and easier to set up than TVs, creating a market for compact, convenient entertainment centers. For this reason, they are cost-effective and can adapt to your living space as it changes over the years.

The Boom 3's selling points are that it can fill your room with sound, project a large screen, and has built-in streaming platforms.

Aurzen Boom 3 Projector – Design &amp ; Features

Out of the box, Boom 3 comes with a remote control, power adapter, power cable and user manual. All you have to do is connect the projector, turn it on, and pair it with the remote control.

Boom 3 has a decent brightness of 500 ANSI (400 ISO) lumens, so dimming the light gives a more cinematic effect. However, watching TV with the lights on doesn't drown out the experience, but there is a difference.

Aurzen Boom 3 Projector Review – Projector and Remote

There are a host of visual options built in, including autofocus for clear images, image scaling, and keystone correction to customize the shape of the screen. When setting up, we recommend using automatic keystone correction, scaling it to the size you want, and then manually adjusting the keystone correction.

Boom 3 has two USB-A 2.0 ports, two HDMI ports, and an additional port for speakers or headphones. You can use Bluetooth to connect to Boom 3 and use it as a speaker.

Aurzen Boom 3 projector review – rear ports and speakers

Aurzen Boom 3 Projector – Specifications

Product Details Specification
Resolution 1920×1080
Speakers 36 W: 2 wideband, 2 high frequencies, 2 diaphragms
Bluetooth 5.2
Scale 50% – 100%
Brightness 500 ANSI
Weight 7.8 lbs
Projection method(s) Front, rear, front ceiling, rear ceiling
Light source Laser
Inputs USB 2.0 x 2, HDMI x 2, additional cable x 1
Autofocus Yes
Automatic keystone correction Yes
Dolby Audio Yes

Aurzen Boom 3 Projector – Use

YouTube, Netflix and Prime Video are pre-installed on Boom 3 , and for quick access to them there are buttons on the remote control. This makes it possible to watch a lot of media if you have accounts on all of those platforms, but they also have Plex and Disney+ apps, but Disney+ runs in the projector's browser.

Aurzen Boom 3 projector review – Boom 3 main screen

Boom 3 can be carried in your hands or bag, but it is not an on-the-go projector.

While a TV requires space on a wall or stand, a projector needs quite a lot of horizontal distance to get a good size. We used the projector about 13 feet from the wall to produce an image that was about 95 inches at 75% zoom. This means the Boom 3 can project images 120 inches away, or more if space allows.

We haven't lost sight of the Boom 3's emphasis as a speaker, as full volume can really fill a large room with sound. At lower volumes it can sound harsh, but higher volumes allow the diaphragms to get more air and improve the bass.

There are sound modes “Standard”, “Vivid”, “Movie”, “Music”, “News”, “Music” and “Sports”, depending on the desired sound quality from the built-in speakers. We like using the Music mode when using the Boom 3 as a speaker and the Movies mode when watching TV, but you can skip these EQ settings altogether for easier use.

Boom3 is not only a Bluetooth speaker, but also supports screen mirroring on iPhone and MacBook, which helps you share data and improve productivity.

Aurzen Boom 3 Projector Review – Using BT Speaker Mode

The autofocus and keystone correction feature makes it convenient to quickly turn on the Boom 3 and optimize image quality before use. This can also be adjusted in Settings, so your preferences may vary.

Aurzen The Boom 3 Projector is a Competent Speaker and Projector

The Boom 3 is a good choice if you want a versatile projector without having to buy an external speaker or TV drive. Its 3-in-1 design makes it a budget choice compared to other projectors with similar features.

However, an Apple TV or console can enhance the entertainment experience, but it's the accessible user interface and apps that make Boom 3 compelling.

Aurzen Boom 3 projector review – comes with a volume knob!

Aurzen Boom 3 Pro Projector

  • High volume speakers
  • Autofocus and large screen size
  • Pre- installed streaming applications

Cons of the Aurzen Boom 3 projector

  • Quiet sound at low volume
  • Might require significant space for full use

Rating: 3 out of 5

Where to buy the Aurzen Boom 3 Projector

The Aurzen Boom 3 Projector is available on Amazon for $299.96 (40% off when posted) and is sold in the Aurzen store.

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