AT&T will pay a measly $5 per account to compensate for the outage

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AT&T will provide bill credits to customers due to major outage 22 February, but the $5 credit will be paid on a per-account basis rather than on a per-line basis.

On February 22, a failure occurred in the AT&T cellular network in the United States. The glitch caused many customers to lose signal, and some iPhone owners saw an opportunity to use SOS via satellite if needed.

In an announcement Saturday, AT&T confirmed it will compensate affected customers. However, this compensation may not be that much for some customers who have multiple lines on their account.

On its Make it Right page, AT&T apologizes for the outage, saying the carrier is “actively applying credit” to bills. This amount is said to be equal to the “average cost of a full day of service.”

The fine print states that the refund will be “one $5 credit per account” for AT&T Wireless users. While this is fine for accounts with a single line, accounts with multiple lines will not receive multiple credits, but only a single $5 surcharge.

AT&T also warns that invoice credits will be applied over two billing cycles, with the majority of them applying to customers' next billing cycle.

Not everyone will receive credit as Cricket and AT&T Prepaid are excluded from compensation. AT&T business customers also won't receive the $5 credit, but the carrier says it will offer some credits and will work with business customers on this issue.

AT&T explains that the outage was due to “the application and execution of an incorrect process used in working to expand our network, and not due to a cyber attack.” The company found no evidence of third party intervention causing the outage and that customer data was not compromised during the event.

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