AT&T beats T-Mobile and Verizon in customer satisfaction, but this MNVO beats them all

In addition to the latest data on customer satisfaction with smartphones, the 2024 ASCI Study reveals how Americans feel about their wireless carrier. Interestingly, AT&T beat out T-Mobile and Verizon to once again take the top spot among the major carriers. However, the value MVNO operator easily beat them all.

Today, ACSI shared a new report based on the 12,414 respondents it randomly surveyed since April 2023 to March 2024

Over the past few years, we've seen T-Mobile and Verizon consistently outperform AT&T across all performance metrics in studies by Opensignal, Ookla, and others (for context). , Opensignal and Ookla typically use samples in the millions for their research.

In any case, the ACSI study shows that AT&T ranked first in 2024 for overall customer satisfaction among the largest wireless service providers in the United States.

AT&T increased its satisfaction score by 4% this year to 78/100. T-Mobile was just one point behind with 77/100, while US Cellular and Verizon tied for third with 74.

Although ACSI looked at 12 carrier metrics to determine its ranking, it shared its perspective on how each major carrier compares on call quality and network capabilities.

Consumer cell beats all

ACSI also explored full-service MVNOs. The latter had the highest average customer satisfaction score of 80/100 (compared to 76/100 for the major carriers).

Consumer Cellular, with 85/100, was the highest rated of all carriers in the US. followed by Mint. Cellular – 83/100.

This ranked Consumer Cellular 7 points and Mint Mobile 5 points above AT&T's satisfaction score.

Here's how the overall wireless carrier averages have changed 2023 to 2024:

Check out the full 2024 ASCI Cell Phone and Wireless Services Study for all the details.

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