Apple's OLED roadmap: new iPad Mini, foldable iPad Pro and more

by Hartley Charlton

Apple plans to launch at least nine new devices with OLED displays across its iPad and MacBook lines, according to an updated forecast from research firm Omdia detailing the company's plans.

Apple's rumored push to switch to OLED appears to be kickstarted with the release of the new 11- and 13-inch iPad models Pro this year. The displays will have a resolution of 2388 by 1668 and 2880 by 1920 pixels, respectively, Omdia claims. This will be a slight increase in height and decrease in width for the larger model, while the smaller ‌iPad Pro‌ will retain the same resolution.

In 2026, Apple will release an 8.3-inch iPad mini and a 10.8-inch iPad Air with OLED displays, as well as a 14.2-inch -inch and 16.2-inch OLED displays. MacBook Pro models designed to replace the current mini-LEDs. The company is also reportedly working on 13.6-inch and 15.3-inch MacBook Air models with OLED displays, which won't be released until 2027. These machines still won't have ProMotion with a 60Hz refresh rate like current models.

Apple could introduce a 20.3-inch foldable OLED iPad Pro with ProMotion in 2027 or later. This product is said to be still in the conceptual stage, but is generally in line with other rumors about such a device. Overall, the report largely confirms existing rumors about Apple's upcoming plans to convert almost all of its portable devices to OLED technology.

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