Apple's iPhone SE 4 is rumored to launch in early 2025

iPhone SE 4 may look like iPhone 14 Rumour assessment   🤯 Likely

New supply chain reports say Apple is in talks with Samsung and others to provide displays for the iPhone SE launch in early 2025 of the year.

If all the rumors are to be believed, Apple's fourth, cheaper iPhone SE has suffered a peculiar series of delays and setbacks. It was enabled, then disabled, then enabled again, and then halfway in between, like an iPhone that would only be built for internal testing at Apple. Now, a new industry report claims that several display suppliers have approached Apple to provide screens for the device.

According to The Elec, Apple was in talks with Samsung Display, BOE and the smaller but lesser-known Tianma. Each supplier has now reportedly told Apple their price for the iPhone SE 4 screen.

This price is quite low for the iPhone SE due to expectations, repeated by The Elec, that the model will closely resemble the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14. This way, companies can use existing production lines and, the publication says, recycled parts.

This is not the first time suppliers are reportedly vying for the iPhone SE 4 contract. Back in August 2023, it was claimed that Apple had selected its main supplier but was considering placing orders with smaller ones. secondary suppliers.

Tianma has been mentioned as one of these smaller firms, but The Elec argues that it currently lags far enough behind Samsung and BOE in its technology that it is not a serious competitor.

If Apple releases the iPhone SE 4 in 2025, previous releases suggest March or April would be the likely months. The first iPhone SE was released in March 2016, followed by the second generation in April 2020, and the current one in March 2022.

Separately, it was reported that Tianma will provide displays for the proposed HomePod. with a 7-inch screen.

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