Apple's internal AI “Ask” tool is being tested by employees

Apple is working on AI tools

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Apple is reportedly testing an artificial intelligence tool called Ask AppleCare Help Desk Advisors, which generates answers using data pulled from an internal database.

Apple's commitment to artificial intelligence is no secret: its CEO even shared his excitement about what will happen later in 2024. Although nothing has been announced, the company is likely working on and testing a variety of tools based on generative models. similar to how ChatGPT works.

According to a MacRumors report based on information received about the project, Apple has launched a pilot program that provides select AppleCare support advisors with an artificial intelligence tool called “Ask.” This is a tool that automatically generates answers to technical questions based on information from Apple's internal database.

Unlike a simple search tool that returns the same results every time based on relevance, Ask generates an answer based on features mentioned in the query, such as device type or operating system. Consultants can mark these answers as “helpful” or “not helpful.”

Hallucinations are a problem in generative language models. This is a nice way of saying that chatbots tend to make things up with a lot of confidence. The Ask tool tries to avoid this behavior by learning only from its internal database, with additional checks that ensure answers are “factual, traceable, and useful.”

Presumably, after collecting feedback, the internal tool will be available to more consultants.

It is highly likely that this leaked “Ask” tool is either or is based on the previously leaked “Ajax”. This is an internal tool that some are supposedly calling “AppleGPT”.

What is this thing with artificial intelligence anyway

It's unclear from this leak whether Apple calls the Ask tool “AI,” but the signs are there. The leaker wouldn't use expressions like “generate” or “fact” if it were a universal search and retrieval tool.

It's time for a major update to Siri, and artificial intelligence can help.

Until a recent fad decided to call it the sexier-sounding “artificial intelligence.” “Most of the technologies used in modern artificial intelligence were called machine learning. Apple's marketing team hasn't had a chance to name its technologies yet, so there's a chance Apple will use “spatial computing” and provide a completely different name.

Whatever they are called, these tools, such as ChatGPT, rely on accessing a database of information to generate a response, using what can be called next word prediction. It finds a pattern in the database and decides what the next logical word will be to answer the query.

Of course, this is an oversimplification.

Apple is no stranger to machine learning and artificial intelligence. The touch keyboard has always relied on an algorithm that predicts which letter the user will press in a certain location. Today, that same keyboard uses a transformer language model for autocorrect.

There are rumors flying around about Apple's commitment to artificial intelligence and what that could mean for iOS 18. We'll all have to wait until WWDC in June to find out.

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