Apple's first foldable device won't be an iPhone, supply chain sources say

By Hartley Charlton

Apple is now deciding on the design of its first foldable device as work on the project gains momentum, DigiTimes reports.

Citing Taiwanese supply chain sources in a paid report, DigiTimes claims that Apple has been developing its first foldable product for at least five years. Confirming previous rumors, the publication claims that the foldable gadget will be a “larger device” rather than an iPhone, but will instead be a tablet or laptop. Device design efforts are now said to be ahead of mass production plans.

As hinge mechanisms for foldable devices have become increasingly advanced in recent years, the main challenge for Apple's foldable devices is said to be developing a panel that fits quality requirements. The report adds that rumors of Apple pausing development of Samsung foldable displays and an internal reorganization to move Vision Pro engineers to the foldable project are not controversial moves as the company overwhelmingly prioritizes quality.

The report clarifies that that Apple has not stopped working on foldable devices because the company now has multiple departments responsible for different foldable product lines. Apple's first foldable device won't be released until 2025.

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