Apple's big push into artificial intelligence, implied by startup acquisitions and job postings

by Tim Hardwick

Apple has quietly made a series of AI-related acquisitions and hires as it seeks to bring on-device AI to its next-generation iPhones, a new report from the Financial Times says.

According to the report, there are signs that Apple is focusing on “solving the technology challenge of using AI through mobile devices.” To this end, the company acquired several AI-related startups, most recently early last year when it acquired California-based WaveOne, which offers AI-powered video compression.

According to a recent Morgan Stanley research report, nearly half of the job openings Apple's AI efforts include the term “deep learning,” which refers to the algorithms used to create generative AI.

Previous reports suggested that Apple has been testing its “Ajax” large language model (LLM) since early 2023 , but unlike LLMs such as ChatGPT OpenAI, Apple's main goal is to develop generative AI that runs locally on the device, rather than using cloud services in data centers.

The challenge in achieving this goal is in optimizing the LLM while reducing its size and becoming more reliant on high-end mobile hardware and faster Apple. silicon chips. For example, Apple is reportedly planning a major upgrade to the iPhone 16's microphone to improve the new AI-powered Siri interface.

Just last month, Apple AI researchers said they had made a key breakthrough in deploying large language models ( LLM) on the iPhone and other Apple devices with limited memory, inventing an innovative technique for using flash memory.

Apple is reportedly planning to announce a series of generative tools based on artificial intelligence at its conference. Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June, when iOS 18 will be announced. Morgan Stanley analysts expect the mobile software to be focused on supporting generative artificial intelligence and may include the LLM-powered Siri voice assistant.

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