Apple will release iOS 17.4 in March with these new features and changes

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Last month, Apple confirmed that iOS 17.4 will be released in March, and the update includes several new features and changes for the iPhone.

Key new features in iOS 17.4 include major changes to the EU App Store, Apple Podcasts transcripts, SharePlay for HomePod, and new emoji. The update also includes preparations for the launch of the next generation of CarPlay later this year.

Apple press release confirming iOS 17.4 will arrive in March:

New app experiences are imminent EU developers create new risks for Apple users and their devices. Apple cannot eliminate these risks, but within the limits of DMA, the company will take steps to mitigate them. These security measures will be in effect when users download iOS 17.4 or later starting in March.

More information about the new features and changes in iOS 17.4 is below.

Changes to the App Store in the EU

To comply with the EU Digital Markets Act, Apple has announced major changes to the App Store, Apple Pay, Safari and more. These changes will be implemented in iOS 17.4 for iPhone users living in the 27 countries that make up the EU.

First of all, Apple now allows alternative app stores and alternative payment methods in the App Store in the EU. Other EU changes include a new default web browser selection screen in Safari, the ability for third-party web browsers to use web engines other than Apple's WebKit on the iPhone, and the ability for third-party mobile wallet apps to access the iPhone's NFC. chip for contactless payment and much more.

Read more in our review of all EU changes in iOS 17.4 and Apple review.

Apple Podcasts transcripts

Starting with iOS 17.4, the Apple Podcasts app now offers podcast transcripts, allowing listeners to read the full transcript of an episode, search for a specific word or phrase, and tap the text. to jump to a specific part of the episode. As an episode plays, each word is highlighted, much like Apple Music song lyrics.

Apple says it automatically generates a transcript when a new episode is published. Transcripts are available for podcasts in English, French, German and Spanish. Over time, they will be added for older episodes to the podcast catalog.

SharePlay for HomePod

Starting with iOS 17.4, Apple extended SharePlay music control to speakers HomePod.

This feature allows family and friends to control the music played on HomePod if you approve their request. For now, it's limited to the Music app, and other people don't need an Apple Music subscription to participate.

While playing a song on iPhone, tap the SharePlay icon at the bottom of the screen. A QR code will appear on the screen that the other person can scan with their iPhone or Android smartphone's camera to request access to music playback controls. All it takes is a screenshot of a QR code, allowing you to remotely share access with people around the world.

Apple already introduced a similar feature for CarPlay last year, allowing anyone in the car to control music playback via SharePlay with permission.

New emoji

IOS 17.4 adds new emojis, including broken chain, brown mushroom, horizontal shaking head, vertical shaking head, lime and phoenix.

Preparing for the next generation of CarPlay

The first beta of iOS 17.4 includes code for eight new CarPlay apps:

  • Automatic Settings:This application will allow you to control paired iPhones and configure vehicle settings.
  • Car Camera: This application will display the image from the vehicle's rear view camera .
  • Charging.For electric vehicles, this app will display the battery level, charging status, time remaining until the battery is fully charged, and more.
  • >Climate: This app will provide access to climate control car in CarPlay, which will allow you to adjust the temperature of the air conditioning or heating system, fan speed, heated seats, heated steering wheel and much more. li>
  • Closing: This application will display, whether any vehicle doors are open, and can also display vehicle warning symbols.
  • Media: This app will provide access to FM and AM radio station controls in CarPlay, as well as to other media options such as SiriusXM. It's unclear whether SiriusXM will offer satellite connectivity or remain limited to internet streaming. Users will be able to choose from a list of music genres such as Top 40 and Rock.
  • Tire Pressure: This app will display the air pressure of each of the vehicle's tires. and warns of low and high pressure, as well as flat tire.
  • Driving: This application provides a variety of driving-related data, including average vehicle speed, fuel efficiency or energy efficiency, total time and distance traveled on the trip, and more.

Apple recently confirmed that the first US car models with the next generation of CarPlay will be released at some point in 2024. .

Learn more

Read our full list of iOS 17.4 features for additional changes, including support for Live Actions for the app's stopwatch ” Watch”. , and the Listen Now tab has been renamed to Home in the Apple Music and Apple Podcasts apps.

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