Apple will 'break new ground' in generative AI this year, teases Tim Cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook has a message for Wall Street. He believes Apple is “breaking new ground”; on Generative Artificial Intelligence this year. Cook's latest comments on artificial intelligence came today during Apple's annual shareholder meeting.

During the meeting, shareholders were asked to release a report on artificial intelligence and ethics was rejected as expected.

This is the second time Apple's CEO has teased the company about big news in artificial intelligence this month. A few weeks ago, Cook promised that Apple AI announcements would come later this year, likely at WWDC in June. That's when iOS 18 will be unveiled, which, as Bloomberg's Mark Gurman has frequently reported, will focus on AI features.

Last fall, Apple briefly mentioned generative AI when it introduced new AutoCorrect and text. forecasting functions on their platforms.

The question today, however, is does Cook really believe that Apple will change the direction of AI development, despite having been largely silent on the issue until now? Or does Cook simply mean that Apple is breaking new ground with its own AI technology this year? Knowing Cook, he probably means the former.

We'll be sure to learn more about what AI features are coming to iOS 18 in the coming months. In the meantime, investors are hearing a signal that they need to remain positive about the stock. The Apple Car project has been put on hold and artificial intelligence is taking center stage.

As is typical for Apple, the company will enter competition behind the likes of OpenAI's ChatGPT and Google's Gemini. However, Apple has system-level access to its platforms that can be “super-powered.” experience of the Apple ecosystem, not to mention silicon designed for their needs.

Exciting times ahead!

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