Apple wants you to know the App Store is a 'safe and trusted place' ahead of EU changes

As part of the European Union's digital markets antitrust (DMA) legislation, Apple will have to open iOS to alternative app stores – and the company released iOS 17.4 with support for so-called App Marketplaces. But it's no surprise that Apple wants people to know that the App Store is still the best place to download iPhone apps, and that's what the company tells its users.

Apple confirms that the Store app is “safe and trusted”

With the second beta of iOS 17.4 released to developers on Tuesday, the company has issued a new warning to iPhone users when they open the App Store for the first time after installing the update. The warning welcomes users to the App Store and tells them it is a “safe and trusted place.” to download applications and games.

“Welcome to the App Store. A safe and trusted place to discover amazing apps and games, stay up to date with what's happening in-app, and see daily stories and recommendations from our editors.” the message said.

The message appears to be in response to changes coming to iOS for users in the EU, as the company was forced to allow other developers to create their own app stores there. Many Apple executives, such as Phil Schiller, have spoken out against DMAs and alternative app stores, arguing that they will introduce “new risks” and “new risks.” for iPhone users.

Even though Apple is opening up iOS to app stores, there are still many rules that developers must follow to make their own app stores available to users in the EU. For example, a developer must have a letter of credit worth at least 1 million euros in order for Apple to approve its own store.

The DMA agreement takes effect on March 7, meaning Apple must release iOS. 17.4 for the general public.

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