Apple Vision Pro receives FCC approval ahead of US launch

Apple Vision Pro has officially received FCC approval in the US. Today, the FCC released Apple documents and test reports confirming that the Vision Pro can be sold in the US.

As previously announced, pre-orders will begin on Friday, January 19th, with the full release launching on Friday, February 2nd.

Many FCC documents continue to have short-term confidential status, with more information becoming available on July 14th. This includes things like interior photos, installation photos, and more.

All of Apple's marketing around the Vision Pro so far has included the disclaimer that the Vision Pro has not yet received FCC approval.

“Apple Vision Pro has not been authorized as required by Federal Communications Commission regulations. This device is not and may not be offered for sale or rental, nor sold or leased until approval has been obtained” Apple's disclaimer reads: This disclaimer can now be removed thanks to permission from the FCC.

Now that the FCC has officially received approval, the Vision Pro can officially go on sale in the United States. This timeline follows the precedent set for virtually every previous Apple product release, where FCC approval is granted weeks before the device's release.

More information can be found here.

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