Apple Vision Pro analysis – pros and cons of the latest Apple device in the AppleInsider podcast

Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro is Apple's most interesting new device and/or least useful. Host Wes Hilliard and AppleInsider Managing Editor Mike Wurtele have both owned the Apple Vision Pro since its release, but they have very different points of view.

See who you agree with, see who convinces the other, and we'll also touch on all the Apple news of the week. Listen to the latest episode.

Also, now that the Apple Vision Pro has finally arrived after years of rumors, it's time to get back to looking for the iPhone Fold. Apparently, Apple has been researching foldable devices for some time now, but a new report suggests that the company is currently working on at least two prototypes.

And although Apple previously tried its best to avoid using the term “AI,” it has now joined the government’s AI safety initiative.

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Show Links:

  • Vision Pros: 72 Hours with Apple Vision Pro with Wes Hilliard (Vision Pros – 0008) on Apple Podcasts
  • Early Apple Vision Pro review: A look into the future of computing
  • Why Apple Vision Pro's constant flash is important for your health
  • Apple Vision Pro is preparing for a quiet launch at Apple Downtown Nashville
  • What to expect from the Apple Vision Pro in-store demo
  • Echoes from past releases: Tim Cook compares Apple Vision Pro to iPhone release
  • If your Apple Vision Pro gets stolen, Find My won't help you return it
  • Recharge your Apple Vision Pro in half the time with a better power adapter.
  • Apple Vision Pro can be used in public places, but watch your manners.
  • Do not use Apple Vision Pro while driving.
  • It looks like YouTube will finally release the Apple Vision Pro app.
  • People are already forgetting their Apple Vision Pro passwords and having to go to Apple.
  • Unsurprisingly, Apple's Vision Pro lenses will get scratched if you try to destroy them.
  • Apple is introducing the first beta of VisionOS 1.1 to developers.
  • Cook is “incredibly excited” about the arrival of generative AI in devices Apple later in 2024.
  • Apple is working on at least two foldable iPhone prototypes.
  • Apple joins Meta, Google and Facebook in new US government AI safety initiative.

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