Apple Vision Pro also works with Intel Macs, but there are limitations.

One of the coolest features of Apple Vision Pro is the ability to use the device as a virtual display for your Mac, so you can just look at your computer and your headset screen will appear as a huge window. To our surprise, this feature also works with Intel Mac computers, but there are some limitations.

Using Vision Pro with an Intel Mac

As detailed by Apple in a support document, Vision Pro for Mac Virtual Display feature is not exclusive for Apple Silicon Mac computers. In fact, it also works with Intel-based Macs. However, the company notes that the performance will not be the same.

When combined with Apple Silicon, Mac Vision Pro displays a virtual display at up to 4K resolution. However, while you can pair it with an Intel Mac, Apple says the resolution is limited to 3K. Users can still resize the window, but it won't look as crisp as Virtual Display on an Apple Silicon Mac.

Of course, to use Mac Virtual Display with Vision Pro, you must have macOS 14 Sonoma or later installed on your computer. Both Vision Pro and Mac must be signed in to the same Apple ID. The devices must also be in close proximity and have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth turned on.

When you use Vision Pro as a Mac virtual display, your computer's keyboard and trackpad can also interact with VisionOS apps. However, it's not possible to create two or more virtual displays, which means you'll be limited to using macOS on a single virtual monitor. This limitation applies to both Apple Silicon and Intel Mac.

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For developers creating VisionOS apps Apple has introduced a new developer strap accessory that adds a USB-C port to Vision Pro. The port allows you to perform tasks such as compiling and debugging applications without having to rely on a wireless network. The accessory costs $299 and can only be ordered through the US Apple Developer website.

It's worth noting that while Virtual Display works with Intel Macs, app development for VisionOS requires an Apple Silicon Mac . .

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