Apple unveils Notch and Dynamic Island designs for iPhone

by Joe Rossignol

With the 2022 iPhone 14 Pro models, Apple introduced Dynamic Island, which can transform and expand to display system alerts, sports scores, and a variety of other information. This feature makes the space around the front camera and Face ID sensors more useful compared to the notch on older iPhone models.

Before Dynamic Island, Apple used a flyout menu on the right side of the screen. a screen that would give users quick access to the time, cellular signal and Wi-Fi strength, display brightness, volume and battery level. Essentially, the menu appears as a second cutout and disappears when not in use.

Another idea Apple considered was to hide the notch with an all-black status bar area at the top of the screen. OLED displays display black by turning off individual pixels, so this design would help save battery.

Apple later came up with the idea of ​​a dynamic island and explored many different designs for this, as shown in the picture below.

Apple initially made the dynamic island permanently elongated at the top of the screen, and then decided it would be less intrusive if it changed size as needed. Apple also looked at displaying volume and a full range of system shortcuts on the Dynamic Island, tested a never-before-used layout for ongoing phone calls, and more.

Apple has since expanded the Dynamic Island to all models iPhone 15, and iPhone 13, iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus continue to be sold with a notch. Rumors suggest that Apple eventually plans to move the iPhone's front-facing camera and Face ID sensors under the display, but this transition is not expected to begin until next year.

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