Apple shares video showcasing collaborative playlists on Apple Music

Apple released iOS 17.3 on Monday along with other software updates that bring new features including collaborative playlists for Apple Music subscribers . This feature allows you to team up with other people to create shared playlists where everyone can add songs. And to promote the update, Apple shared a new video about it with the hosts of Rap Life Review.

Apple Music collaborative playlists

The three-minute video, published on the Apple Music YouTube channel, features Ebro Darden, Nadeska Alexis and Lowkey. . They show users how to invite friends to collaborate on Apple Music playlists using the latest version of iOS.

In the video, the presenters also demonstrate how to react to certain songs in an Apple Music playlist using emojis. It's worth noting that collaborative playlists were first added in beta versions of iOS 17.2, but were then removed before the final release. Shared playlists and emoji reactions are now available to all iOS 17.3 users.

Another Apple Music feature touted in the video is SharePlay with CarPlay, which is also part of iOS 17. It allows passengers in the car with support CarPlay control music from their device, even if they don't subscribe to Apple Music. .

Nadeska, Ebro and Lowkey talk about two new features available in Apple Music. First, it's easier than ever to curate and share music with friends. Apple Music has added a ton of new features to playlists, including the ability to collaborate with other subscribers in real time. It's a whole new way to listen to and discover great music. Secondly, the latest SharePlay feature allows passengers to control music from their device. Now everyone on the trip can DJ on Apple Music.

You can watch the full video below or directly on the YouTube website or app:

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