Apple reinstates Epic Games EU developer account, paving way for alternative app store

by Julie Clover

Apple today reversed its decision to close Epic Games' developer account in the European Union, and the account has now been reinstated. In a statement to MacRumors, Apple said that Epic Games has committed to following the rules, allowing Epic Sweden to be readmitted to the Apple Developer Program.

After speaking with Epic, they committed to following the rules, including our DMA policy. As a result, Epic Sweden AB was allowed to re-sign with the developer and participate in the Apple Developer Program.

When Apple terminated ‌Epic Games‌ Earlier this week, a Swedish developer account effectively banned ‌Epic Games‌ from developing an alternative application marketplace for iPhone users in the European Union. Apple said the account was deleted because ‌Epic Games‌ had previously violated its contractual obligations, and that the court's decision in the ‌Epic Games‌ against Apple. The lawsuit gave her the right to close any ‌Epic Games‌ account at any time.

Apple's Phil Schiller spoke with ‌Epic Games‌ CEO Tim Sweeney asked Sweeney for written assurance that ‌Epic Games‌ will adhere to the new rules for alternative app markets, but Apple did not consider Sweeney's response thorough enough. Apple said Epic is “notoriously unreliable,” with the Cupertino company also citing negative comments from Tim Sweeney about Apple's compliance with the Digital Markets Act (DMA).

Apple's decision to shut down the account sparked immediate public backlash. , especially since Apple's emails made it look like an ‌Epic Games‌ the account was closed due to criticism of Sweeney. From Schiller's email:

Epic has made agreements with Apple in the past and then violated them. For example, you showed that Epic Games, Inc. entered into the Developer Program with full understanding of its terms, and then chose to intentionally violate the agreement with Apple. You also showed that Epic intentionally violated Apple's rules to prove a point and gain financial gain. Most recently, you described our DMA compliance plan as “hot nonsense,” a “horror show,” and “an insidious new example of malicious compliance.” And you complained about what you called “garbage fees” and “Apple taxes.”

Your colorful criticism of our DMA compliance plan, coupled with Epic's past practice of intentionally violating contract provisions with which it does not agree, strongly disagrees. suggest Epic Sweden has no intention of following the rules.

The European Union quickly intervened and asked Apple to provide “further explanation” for why it shut down the EU ‌Epic Games‌ developer account, which likely caused Apple to reconsider its decision. ‌Epic Games‌ in a statement to MacRumors, it said Apple's response demonstrates that the European Commission plans to act quickly to enforce the DMA, and that ‌Epic Games‌ store will appear in Europe.

Apple has informed us and committed to the European Commission to reinstate our developer account. This sends a strong signal to developers that the European Commission will act quickly to enforce the Digital Markets Act and hold controllers accountable. We are moving forward as planned with the launch of the Epic Games Store and the return of Fortnite on iOS in Europe. Go!

‌Epic Games‌ announced plans for an alternative app store shortly after Apple introduced support for alternative app stores in the iOS 17.4 beta. ‌Epic Games‌ promised to bring Fortnite and other games to ‌iPhone‌ through its own specialized store, but at specific launch dates ‌Epic Games‌ The iOS store has not yet been provided.

Although ‌Epic Games‌ is working on an alternative app marketplace, the company criticized Apple for its DMA compliance. Sweeney called Apple's plan “an insidious new example of malicious compliance” and said ‌Epic Games‌ will continue to “prove to the courts and regulators that Apple is breaking the law.”

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