Apple Podcasts bug prevents listeners from enjoying new episodes

Apple Podcasts

A bug in Apple Podcasts is preventing subscribers from listening to the latest episodes, with the latest episode not being displayed and preventing the app from automatically downloading it for users.

The Apple Podcasts app should alert users to new episodes of their favorite shows and, if set to do so, download and save it to their iPhone or iPad for immediate listening. However, in some cases the application does not work completely.

Initially reported by 9to5Mac, a number of users discovered that podcast episodes released on Friday were not populating properly in the app. The latest episode doesn't show up in the Up Next app queue or download to your iPhone or iPad.

When viewing a list of episodes for affected users, shows and podcasts may show previous episodes but not the latest ones, even after refreshing the screen.

The app still has the ability to play a non-displayed episode, but only if the user finds it using the episode title search feature. For the search to work, the user will need to find out the title of the episode in other ways.

It is likely that the limited number of shows affected is due to an Apple server issue rather than an issue with the app itself. If so, Apple's fix may resolve the issue for all users without the need for any additional software updates.

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