Apple Pencil update coming soon – what you need to know

A new Apple Pencil is inevitable

In addition to the workaround that the Apple Pencil took with USB-C, the Apple Pencil was not updated with since the release of the second generation in 2018. Here's what to expect from the Apple Pencil 3: New iPads are coming out fast.

Today there are three Apple Pencil models on sale – — Apple Pencil, Apple Pencil 2, and Apple Pencil with USB-C. The lineup is a bit confusing as customers have to figure out which Pencil pairs with which iPad and what benefits they offer.

Apple usually releases good, better and better products that customers can easily differentiate, but this is not the case with the Apple Pencil. That's why the third generation Apple Pencil is coming soon.

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A new product will shake up the lineup will replace the first two generations of Apple, leaving only new ones models and USB-C models.

Apple Pencil 3 Rumors

The Apple Pencil 2 is already quite a powerful device with 9ms latency, pressure sensitivity, angle detection, pointing and double-tap gestures, it's hard to imagine how Apple could update its popular stylus.

Why do you need a new Apple Pencil

The overall design needs an update, especially given the weird design that Apple has pushed itself into. The Apple Pencil 2 charges via two magnetic wires on the side when connected to an iPad, which requires a lot of internal space.

The new iPad features a landscape selfie camera

This long side of the iPad was otherwise unoccupied until the iPad 10, when Apple moved the selfie camera to the landscape side. This step is better for video conferencing when using a connected keyboard, but eliminates the ability to charge the Pencil using inductive charging.

Simply moving the charging point was impossible, since in the Apple Pencil the conductors are located at a certain distance from each other. Moving it in any other direction may interfere with the speakers, buttons, charging ports, or smart jack.

The magnets provided room to attach the pencil, but the components needed to charge it took up too much space.

Instead, Apple chose a dongle that allows USB-C iPads to connect to the first-generation Lightning Pencil. Later, the Apple Pencil with USB-C was introduced to solve the strange problem.

Apple's 10th generation iPad requires an adapter to connect the original Apple Pencil

The Apple Pencil with USB-C is not a true third-generation model, and in It lacks some features that reduce its cost. This is not a suitable replacement for the Apple Pencil 2, so a new model is needed.

Rumors about how the new Apple Pencil will charge are unclear, but it could offer both induction and USB-C for universal compatibility. However, this would ruin the elegant design presented in the Apple Pencil 2.

Apple Pencil with USB-C is a temporary measure

So there's a chance that Apple will rethink its inductive charging to require less space in the smaller Apple Pencil. This would allow the device to be attached in the space between the two speakers on the short side of the iPad.

If it doesn't have a port, it won't be compatible with the 10.9-inch iPad unless Apple allows jackless wireless and inductive dongle charging.

Interchangeable tips

In addition to figuring out a new charging situation, Apple may update the Apple Pencil with new features based on replaceable tips. Which tip is used will affect the physical feel and how the software responds.

The tips can be attached using a magnetic connection. However, this will add complexity to the hardware and require users to keep track of unused tips.

It's also unclear how Apple will market and sell these tips. This could be another revenue opportunity if you sell the tips separately and offer new tips from time to time.

Third parties may also create new tips for use in specific applications. For example, Adobe could sell a line of Apple Pencil tips that enable features in its suite of apps.

Other features

Rumors also suggest that Apple may add a Find Me feature to the Apple Pencil. It's doubtful that this will include a speaker that can chirp, but it does suggest an idea.

Find My could help users find the small Apple Pencil

Perhaps Apple could follow the AirPods route and introduce an Apple Pencil Case with magnetic tips. and can charge the Apple Pencil separately from the internal battery. The case will have USB-C for charging and pairing, as well as space for the Find My speakers.

The previous paragraph is pure speculation, but there are many rumors.

The patents also reveal what Apple is considering for future Apple Pencil models. One suggested that Apple could introduce removable cases that would provide a tactile experience or extend battery life.

Apple Pencil 3 release date and price

Whether Apple calls this product “Apple Pencil Pro” or “Apple Pencil 3” is entirely a marketing choice — we expect the latter. But that choice could determine where it ends up with price.

Apple's new Pencil will simplify the line

The price of the Apple Pencil 3 may be identical to the price of the Apple Pencil 2 – $129. A $149 price increase is also possible, bringing it closer to double the price of the Apple Pencil with USB-C.

If Apple markets this product as the Apple Pencil Pro, its price could easily reach $199.

Apple is expected to announce new iPads and accessories during a likely event in March. The invitations have not yet been sent, so everything is still in question.

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