Apple Pencil 3 may have a new pinch gesture

Apple Pencil may be getting an update soon

Code discovered in iPadOS 17.5 has revealed a new pinch gesture that could introduced in Apple Pencil 3.

Apple Pencil 2 already supports a double-tap gesture for switching between available tools in an app. Since it doesn't have pressure sensitivity, the pinch gesture will likely be reserved for the Apple Pencil 3.

Code discovered in iPadOS 17.5 beta 1 by 9to5Mac demonstrates the presence of a pinch gesture for the Apple Pencil. This gesture will be used to add shapes, signatures, stickers, or a text field.

To squeeze the Apple Pencil you will need some kind of pressure-sensitive surface. This gesture is distinct enough to coexist with the double-tap gesture and open up more control options.

Other Apple Pencil 3 rumors include the addition of Find My support and interchangeable nibs.

Apple is expected to unveil the Apple Pencil 3 along with the new iPads sometime in April or early May. Updated products will likely be announced in a press release.

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